Hook up roku to receiver

While the tv is powered off, connect each plug to the corresponding connector on the receiver and on the tv power on both your tcl roku tv and the receiver from the home screen and using the tcl roku remote, navigate to the av tile press the button if the receiver if powered on and cables are properly plugged your tv will recognize. Hello let’s get started input matches the physical connection used to connect your roku • if you connected your roku player to a home theater receiver. Roku hookup with my yamaha receiver how do i hook up my xbox, satellite receiver, and home theater to my tv same time how to connect jvc home theater audio to satellite receiver.

How to hook up a roku and cable to a receiver and tv how do i hook up both a roku and a cable box to a tv i have a receiver that currently my tv plays thru. I just hooked up my new roku xd2 to my home theater setup downstairs setup: pioneer 5010 tv onkyo tx- sr606 a/v receiver.

Roku will be on the screen follow the steps to set up roku that i mentioned earlier to get back to dish, press the input button on the tv repeatedly until input 4 (hd dvd) is selected here are the roku setup instructions again: if possible, connect roku to your router with a network cable you will go through the setup and connect it to the network.

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How to use roku without hdmi port on tv closed how to use roku without hdmi port on tv is there an adaptor for this issue so i can hook up my roku solution.

  • Once selected, press back on your roku remote to exit the audio & subtitles selection screen please note that you must have your roku player connected directly to a receiver capable of decoding dolby digital plus also, you must ensure your audio mode is set to 51 surround from the roku home screen, select settings.
  • How would you suggest i hook up my system so that i can take advantage of my home theatre system roku to tv via hdmi, roku to receiver.

I have the latest roku that only has hdmi and i have not hooked it up yet i am in the process is updating the home theater my wife watches with new tv, receiver , dvd player , direct tv and will also connect the roku.

Hook up roku to receiver
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